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Michael O. Cooper on Pursuing Certification

Friday, December 28th, 2012

The following is taken from David’s interview with Michael O. Cooper  in 10 Super Coaches.

Would you advise coaches to pursue certification? If so, at what stage in their practice, and through which accrediting body?

I believe the industry is evolving and coaching clients are becoming more savvy. There will come a time when clients require their coaches to be certified.

Coaches should continually strive to improve their coaching, but become certified as early as possible – certification processes will improve every coach’s quality of coaching. I view the certification process as a learning path in itself. That’s why we developed the International Association of Coaches’ certification process in three steps to provide clear, compelling feedback on which proficiencies coaches need to improve before moving on to the next steps.

I believe the IAC model, which allows any coach to apply for certification regardless of how many hours they have coached, or how many classes they have attended, is the best model to demonstrate competency, particularly because this certification is based on the 15 Coaching Proficiencies, rather than general knowledge.

Michael O. Cooper with Advice For New Coaches

Thursday, December 13th, 2012

The following is taken from David’s interview with Michael O. Cooper in 10 Super Coaches.

What words of advice would you give to a coach starting out?

Double the amount of time you estimate it will take to build your business.

Practice EXTREME profitability on every project you undertake (profits can be virtual metrics, not just cash).

Establish enough reserves to be financially solvent and emotionally secure for at least one year.

Michael O. Cooper on Finding Clients

Thursday, November 15th, 2012

The following is taken from David’s interview with Michael O. Cooper in 10 Super Coaches.

What method did you find most effective in getting your initial clients?

I asked friends and colleagues at my employer to try it out. I didn’t have a structure to master the complimentary session then, so it often turned out that the client was uncoachable or just doing me a favor. I did attract a few clients this way, but with a structure, I would have spent less time working too hard for little return.

Did you coach your friends and colleagues? If so, what invitation did you use that worked best and felt good for you?

I have coached friends and I’ve had incredible experiences – both good and bad. My recommendation is to refer your friends to other coaches you trust. Even though I had a few positive experiences, the relationship changed in a way that I was not prepared to accept at times. I also did not establish sufficient boundaries when working with a few friend clients – they would call me at all hours for coaching – one even asked me to coach him through a situation at a party while he was intoxicated.

Michael O. Cooper on Building a Practice

Tuesday, November 6th, 2012

The following is taken from David’s interview with Michael O. Cooper in 10 Super Coaches.

What was the most interesting or exciting thing for you about building your practice?

Three things, really:

  •  Watching clients arrive out of nowhere!
  •  Clients wanting to hire me even before experiencing a sample session/collaborative interview!
  •  Watching passive revenue dollars add up in my bank account – when I’m out at the beach or on vacation!

Michael O. Cooper on Discovering Your Niche

Saturday, September 15th, 2012

The following is taken from David’s interview with Michael O. Cooper in 10 Super Coaches. 

What are your coaching niche(s)? How did you discover this?

Leadership Coaching: I have always held a fascination about leaders and how they ticked, how they inspire and motivate others, and unfortunately, often how their unchecked egos ruin their influence. I discovered the 15 Leadership Proficiencies developed by Thomas Leonard and started using them with a client on a whim. Within a few months I was asked to present at a conference on leadership and have been speaking and coaching ever since. Serendipity really.

Coaching financial advisors to market themselves effectively: I developed this nice out of necessity when I was near bankruptcy and needed to double my income in one month. I had worked with one financial advisor on a pro bono basis and he doubled his business within a few months. I was desperate and began interviewing other financial advisors to understand their market better. Essentially, they developed a “guided coaching program” for me. Within four weeks I quadrupled my business with this program. Note: I didn’t have a passion or experience in this niche, but the need already existed in the market.

Michael O. Cooper on Finding Initial Clients

Thursday, June 28th, 2012

The following is taken from David’s interview with Michael O. Cooper in 10 Super Coaches.

What top three methods, in order, did you use to get your clients in the first 2 years?

Sample Sessions: I find that offering sample sessions is the best way for people to experience my coaching ability and style. I offered coaching sessions to people in networking meetings, at the Chamber of Commerce, associations I frequented, friends, family members, colleagues, etc. I mastered the Complimentary/Sample Session with the help of Michael Charest and Michelle Schubnel in their “Coach and Grow Rich” program. I still find this the easiest and most effective way of landing new one-on-one coaching clients.

Networking: I prefer to network with people I already know frequently and have generated dozens of referrals this way. In the early phase of my business, I spent 5-8 hours a week at networking meetings, and I have to say I was horrible at it! Or at least horrible at attracting clients this way. I did generate some interest, but my “elevator speech” wasn’t strong enough to attract clients because I was too generic (prior to establishing my niches). I took networking classes and now rarely attend general networking events, because I personally do not find it as effective as other methods of attracting clients, although I know dozens of coaches who are experts at it!

Internet: I built my website very early on in my business growth cycle. I believe I hid behind it for a while, but many other coaches and clients know me because of that website – many coaches copied much of the material from it. It took over 18 months to attract a client just from the website alone.