Meditation walk

Sunday, July 6th, 2008

Today I did my morning meditation walk backwards.

There is a path along the river. I looked as far as I could see before it curved out of sight, saw no obstructions, turned around, and walked backwards.

It was scary at first. And then I relaxed into it. It was a wonderful feeling watching scenery pass by, as if in a car. And wonderful not seeing what was coming, not having to worry or think about it. Just see what was passing me by.
I walked for about 10 minutes.

I found I’m no longer afraid of sitting on wet benches or grass.

I walked past a fountain and laughed aloud, thinking “Oh no, I bet I know where this is going”.
I walked to the fountain, and hesitated at the edge, my feet getting splashed. I didn’t want to be automatic about walking into it fully dressed, on a cold day, and I wanted to view it’s beauty. So I watched, enjoyed, wondering if I would get the impulse to move in.

Then I heard a voice over a megaphone. I turned around and saw a public safety van. I thought they were telling me to step away from the fountain. But then I realized, over the loudspeaker, the man was urging me to go ahead, walk into it.

That made it so easy; I knew it was time, and I walked into it.

It was freezing!!!! And I stood there, with cold water shooting up between my legs and up my back, and yelled and surrendered.

When I walked out of it, I turned, and through cascading water I saw his face through the window of the van. He was holding two thumbs up and was grinning as widely as possible. I’d made his day. And he’d made mine. It was magic.

I also learned that no-one, but NO-ONE, messes with the guy with no shoes, fully clothed and dripping wet…

sitting in a tree.