Sponsorship Webinar (our compliments)

Monday, August 10th, 2009

I recently told you about how you can get your book, event, tour, cause or dream sponsored and promoted by major companies and nonprofit organizations.
Now our friend Brendon Burchard is giving you a *complimentary* webinar to show you his secret strategies. It’s a no-cost 75 minute webinar that we got you access to.
Watch this now:

Here’s what Brendon has done and wants to show you how to do for yourself:

His partners helped him:

=> Sell three major books

=> Double his product sales

=> Quadruple his speaking engagements

=> Launch a million-dollar seminar series

=> Win corporate sponsorships, and appear on ABC World News, CBS, NPR, Oprah and Friends
and over 65 major radio stations across the country.

(Not bad. And I can’t believe he’s teaching people how he did it step-by step!)


>> His partners help him sell 50,000 copies of his first book *every year*!

>> His partners help him reach over 2 million people a month with his message about second chances

>> His partners helped him get $500,000 in advances for his second book

>> His partners helped him get 117,000 copies of an e-book downloaded, making him the go-to expert in his field

>> His partners helped him get $500,000 in cash sponsorships for his first big seminar

>> His partners helped him book 64 high-paid speeches in one year

>> His partners helped him raise over $250,000 for his favorite causes

>> His partners helped him build his first database of 36,000 people in 72 hours….

This goes on and on.

Oh, and he did this all in 18 months!

Brendon has really figured out the game changing business-building strategy of the decade:

…exactly how to partner with major organizations to sponsor and promote YOUR message!

Check out this link and learn about this training:


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Saturday, January 31st, 2009

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