Charity Project: Blues & Stress Teleclass

Tuesday, January 6th, 2009

Earlier this year when I was feeling depressed and anxious, I looked for a teleclass so I could dial in and get support from home. And guess what? I couldn’t find one.

Wouldn’t it be a gift to the world, to provide such a service?

You’re invited to apply for one or more of the following positions listed on the mindmap:
– Manager
– Teleclass Leader (must be qualified therapist/psych/counselor)
– Web Traffic Manager/SEO
– PR Manager
– Web Master
– Article Writer
– Newsletter Manager

– your email
– your name
– the position(s)
– the skills you bring to the position
– YOUR EMAIL (so we can contact you. e.g. bill AT (so automatic email harvesters can’t find it)

I also invite you to let your friends know about this project – perhaps you know someone perfect for it?