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Training and Certification For Coaches

Tuesday, January 31st, 2012

The following is an excerpt from the CoachStart Manual.

You do not need to be accredited to begin coaching. At the time of this writing I know of no country which requires certification. However, long term, I believe it’s important for your career and for the profession of coaching.

A good reason to get certified is because you believe in the philosophy of the training school you choose. And, because you want to continually improve your coaching skills.

A bad reason to get certified is because you think that will get you more clients or in some way make you ‘worthy’ as a coach. My experience has been that it does neither. It might look good on the wall and it feels good to be able to say it – but in coaching two hundred clients, I think ONE asked me if I was certified. Don’t try and use it as a crutch – you don’t need it.

Ironically, the International Coach Federation requires at least 250 paid coaching hours under your belt before you get to their first certification level (ACC). So you’ll need to become confident coaching without the crutch of certification – which I think is a good thing. Use it to support your coaching; don’t rely on it.

Ten Reasons To Become a Coach

Monday, January 30th, 2012

The following is an excerpt from the CoachStart Manual.

Here are ten great reasons to become a coach:

1. Continual personal growth

2. Your personal development is tax deductible!

3. Contribute to people/the world and see concrete results

4. Work from home (no travel!)

5. Flexible hours (you choose them)

6. Earn a good income – good coaches get paid well

7. VERY low overhead

8. Options to expand into many fields including speaking, seminars, and book writing

9. Excitement of running your own business: choosing your own niches and marketing channels (e.g. radio interviews), creating your own web site etc.

10. Can work while overseas, on the ski slopes, or at the beach (seriously, I’ve done it).


Monday, January 23rd, 2012


The guys who play online hold these get togethers around the country

I’m inclined to go to this one. Want to get a posse?

To get a sense of the skill level – Michael V is 1400, I’m about 1300, and
many players there will be over 2000. ChickenCrossRoad is 2700 –
which is hard to even imagine.

>>For cheapest (basic room), choose Hotwire, 3 star, North Strip Hotel= appx 18-20 dollars / night–there is an additional 11 dollar/ night resort fee payable to the riv, 10 dollars/wifi device/day. The deluxe rooms are sexy but more money (book through

Post your comments here about who’s in or a maybe. I can take a couple of people in my car.