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Its Not You, Its Them – ‘hate mail’ update

Thursday, October 27th, 2011

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Update#1 ‘Hate Mail’

“You consider that important? you are as full of it as he is.
give me a break. so long.”      – Dan

“You guys typically have some unbelievable/moving
messages. But that’s the dumbest sh*t I’ve heard in a
long time. How is Bryan being authentic by digesting
and agreeing with that crock of sh*t?
You can tell he’s full of it just by his reactions in that video.
Think you might wanna run that one by Decker before
sending it out to any more members.”
– Sean

“Sorry guys, but this time you’ve picked up a load of B.S.”
– Andrew

…And to those people, we blame you for making us feel bad.

Seriously, while most people got it, it seems that some people didn’t realize it was a joke.

Or at the very least, they felt “duped” because we were playing a trickster role in telling you it was a “very important message” in the email.


Bryan and I actually think the video has a very important message — a playful way of pointing out how we so often don’t take responsibility in our lives. As I mention in the comments below: “you think at some point or other we don’t do or think every single one of these things?”

I’m blaming people and things all the time for my life.

“My parents could have done a better job”

“The Government screwed up free expression”

“My cat is to blame for my lack of sleep last night”
It’s human nature!

Of course, we suppress that ‘show side’ and try not to show it so our friends will think we’re enlightened. But it’s part of the nature of the ego to complain.

Who’s to blame here?

It’s all an interconnected web, and MY choice, as a place to stand, is  to take full responsibility for the life I’m creating, and advocate for the world I want to see — with my time, money and attention…

That’s why the Occupy movement is so inspiring — even if it’s rough around the edges in places – there’s a spirit running through it that is about proactively creating the world we want to see!

I hope the video Bryan and I made has you taking a closer look at owning up at where you do the things we talk about, just to shine some light on it. And – where you want to be proactive in creating the life or world you want to see. Perhaps you’d start by posting it below.

We welcome your comments, flames, more hate mail, etc. :-)

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Update #2 – A viewer’s video response!

MentorMonthly #123: How to Create a Product in Seven Days

Monday, October 3rd, 2011

1. Announcements/Offers

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FEATURE: How to Create a Product in Seven Days

Taken from my book ‘Get Paid For Who You Are

In our last newsletter we discussed why you need a product. This time, we are reviewing how to create a product in 7 days.

How to Create a Product in Seven Days

While I call this section: “How to create a product in seven days,” you can really do this in 7 hours!  It’s that hot.

Here are the magic six steps:

1.  Record a Teleclass

Do 4-5 versions of the same teleclass. Each time you will refine and improve it. Then choose the best recording and that’s your product.

2. Edit Your Audio Files

Create an edited version of your audio file. You can find someone on to add music at the beginning and end and take out any irrelevant sections like the 5 minutes where you are waiting for people to join the call. This should cost you under $100.

3. Create a Transcript

Create a transcript. Again, go to and find someone to turn one hour of audio into a polished transcript for $50 to $150. For bonus points, have them do a little editing to take out the ummms and errrrs and have it read a little smoother.

4. Generate a Special Report

Create a special report. Take that transcript and turn it into a report. Hire an editor to pull out the top seven points, create headlines and sections and format it nicely. You’ve now got a two to four page report.

5. Create a Product

Create a product. Have you noticed how even when you’re buying a digital download, the sales page shows a nice 3D box with a big headline and a smiling person on it? That’s because it looks more tangible, like something you could hold in your hands, and sells better. Ask a graphic designer on for a 3D box to represent your product for under $100.

6. Create a Physical CD

Create a physical CD. Have your new graphic designer tweak the 3D box cover into a flat 2D CD cover. You can sell your CDs from the website, or at your speaking events if you decide to speak to promote your business.

Down the track when you want to get fancier, you might create a membership site which people will pay you a monthly fee to access. You might add worksheets, special reports, audio, video, and a discussion forum so your members can support each other. One example is which I created to support readers of my book. For inexpensive software to run this, try combined with a program called Wishlist.


Take Action

1) What topic would you LOVE for your teleclass? Would you tell me at the blog?

2) Schedule in time to create your product.


David Wood

P.S. If you have any comments on this newsletter, we’d love you to share them here.

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