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Mentor Monthly #117: How to Craft a Sizzling Elevator Pitch

Tuesday, February 1st, 2011


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FEATURE: How to Craft a Sizzling Elevator Pitch

Taken from my book ‘Get Paid For Who You Are’

It’s time to refine your offer and target market into an “elevator pitch”. An elevator pitch is you telling someone what you do in the time it takes to ride an elevator. Sometimes 10-30 seconds is all you’ll have to state who you are and what you can do.

The beauty of an elevator pitch is that, in addition to helping you say with ease and confidence what you do and for whom, it also allows others to spread the word about you. So, the next time someone asks your friend, “What does Mollie do?” Your friend replies, “She helps small business owners get free publicity”. Or, “She teaches families of cancer patients how to support their loved one and cope”.

Now it’s your turn.

What do (or will) you do and for whom? Write down your elevator pitch using the following formula: I help Y with X.

If it’s not sizzling, you could ask yourself, “Is my target market too broad?” For example, you might say, “I help businesses with team communication.” That’s true, but what type of businesses? Established ones? Start-ups? In what industry?

“Oh,” you say. “I get it. I help start-up biotech companies with team communication.” That is better and I know you help the team communicate, but what problem does this solve? What is the result you are helping these companies to achieve?

“They are able to get past their personal conflicts and work together to bring products to market faster, and those products save lives.”

Great! Then say that.

“Okay. How about: I help start-up biotech companies bring life-saving drugs to market faster.”

Wonderful. That would leave me asking you how you do that, which would be your entrée to talking about improving team communication and how it can improve results.

Test your elevator pitch

Do you see how it works? This is a perfect exercise to engage in with a Freedom Buddy. Test your elevator pitches on each other as well as your family and friends and welcome their feedback. Each piece of feedback can help you to hone your elevator pitch and really make it sing.


Take Action

1) Play with your elevator pitch.

2) Practice it with someone until it feels natural.

3) Share your elevator pitch at the blog and bounce off ideas with other people here.


Love and gratitude,



P.S. You can find more examples of sizzling elevator pitches in my book, “Get Paid For Who You Are.”

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