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Strategizing Call with Ezra & David

Friday, October 29th, 2010

if you’re looking for the strategizing call with Ezra and David, it was a 72 hr bonus to encourage action. Stay tuned for other time sensitive bonuses, and remember to snap them up in the time frame!

Create #62: Should there be more to life than this?

Wednesday, October 13th, 2010

1. Announcements/Offers

(From David) Do you struggle with insomnia?
I’m personally taking on five clients who are having trouble sleeping for more than a month. This is so I can pass on to others how I healed myself from this scary and debilitating condition. Price will be no barrier for these five positions – you’ll pay whatever you can afford.

Please email me directly at david (AT), telling me your current situation and 3 month goal that would light you up!

I’d also appreciate you forwarding this invitation to any friends with insomnia and/or anxiety.

2. FEATURE: Should there be more to life than this?

I was sitting unhappily with the thoughts:

“My life is not enough”

“This is not enough”

“There should be more to life than this”

More money. More partnership. More energy. More contribution. More success. More sex. More fulfilment.

If I had more of those things, my life would surely be perfect.

And then it started to dawn on me just a glimpse of the experiences that were actually available to me: right here, right now, this second.

I considered all the things I could do in my house in the next 5 minutes that might feel good or be fun. Then I thought of several things I could do within 5 minutes walk of my house that would be interesting. Then I thought of everything I could do within a 30 minutes drive or bus of my house – things that cost no money, or less than $5.

Then I thought of all the people I could invite over, or go and visit within a 30 minute radius, and multiplied this number by the number of activities I could do, I had an extraordinary number of people/activity combinations (e.g. Walk in the park with myself, make pancakes with Brenda). When I included phone calls as an activity, that included pretty much everyone I knew in the world.

I then considered how many movies I could watch – which would transport me into other worlds. Or the number of day dreams I could have to create my own worlds. Or the number of books I could read to learn or feel.

I considered the sunshine, the smoke of a log fire, the feel of rain on hot skin, the thrill of a volleyball game, calling to contribute to someone who’s lonely – even when I am too, and the simple joy of peek-a-boo with a neighbor’s child.

Most of this not even requiring money.

In any second we have an almost infinite number of experiences available to us – most of them not even requiring money.

What’s fascinating is that my mind is still able to hold the thought: “There should be more to life”…

And to actually believe it.

“There should be more to life”. Do you agree? Or disagree?

What, if anything, is shifting for you right now?



Post at the comments below if you agree or disagree with the phrase, “There should be more to life” and share any shifts for you.

* * * *


P.S. Got a comment on this article? Add it to the comments below.

3. The Personal Touch

Well – it’s been SO long since the last issue.

I put my EVERYTHING into a book launch. What went well: raised $60,000 for Rainforest Foundation and One Laptop Per Child; self published a high quality book; raised profile and platform, including strong media mentions; contributed to thousands of lives; pioneered a new type of viral technique (with the google pin maps); developed loads of new content and product. What didn’t go well: Made a slight financial loss overall due to various reasons including investing $150,000 in the project to start with! And I burned myself out. But I’m glad I did it – I needed to get that out of my system. And it may ultimately make a profit in the looooong run.

Now I’m in a quiet/vacation mode waiting to see what energy arises next. What’s been coming through consistently is to help people cure their insomnia (and anxiety). I just took on one insomnia coaching client who is already having huge breakthroughs, and I’ve created 4 more coaching slots where I’ll take on people with serious insomnia for whatever they can afford. If this is you, just email me directly at I’d also appreciate you forwarding to any friends with insomnia, and inviting them to contact me.

Love, David

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What’s YOUR overwhelm experience?

Monday, October 4th, 2010

(Note: here’s MY experience, and then below I’d love to hear yours)


I’ve been wanting to create a new niche for several months now, but it just seems so overwhelming!

I mean – what will the website look like? How will I get traffic? How will I build my email list? Who would I joint venture with? What product will I create? Will it even make any money?

I finally realized that what there is to do is: follow the steps in my own book!

First step – get a Freedom Buddy! So I have someone to report to each week, and help keep me on track.

And here are some other steps I’ve come up with (not exactly following the book as I have a head start):

2) Borrow (with permission) someone’s report or audio or other useful download, as a freebie download. This will be the incentive for people to sign up to my new email list for this niche.

3) Create a squeeze page (web page) where people can register for the newsletter or mailing list, and collect their free download. I’ll also gather a little information such as name, email, country, and whether they are interested in anxiety, insomnia, or both. (And using to collect and store the info)

4) Create a thank you page for when they have clicked submit, being a blog page where they can comment and connect about what it’s like for them right now to have anxiety and insomnia. I’d like to get a discussion going.

5) Invite my current email list to a) join the new mailing list and get the download, and b) forward to people they know with trouble sleeping or with anxiety.

6) Finish notes/insights from my last coaching session with my client on insomnia

7) Set up 10 interviews with leaders/experts in the insomnia field, and with a focus on those having big mailing lists in this area. Will use my assistant to set these up. Will offer them exposure from me publicizing the interview, a recording of the interview and transcription to share with their list, and suggest a possible revenue share of a product I’m working on (being the compilation of all 10 interviews).

What overwhelm have you experienced about starting or building your online business? And what’s a baby step you’ll commit to over the next 5 days? (I’m posting on FB for a freedom buddy right now)