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Mentor Monthly #114: Why Am I Not Getting Clients from My Intro Sessions?

Thursday, January 21st, 2010

1. Announcements/Offers

Making a Big Shift

Do you ever feel like your business has been stuck in the same place for too long? Work much harder than you want to for not enough money?

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Are You Up for a Challenge?

We all began this year at GO, and all roads lead to
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2. FEATURE: Why Am I Not Getting Clients From My Intro Sessions?

You keep offering free sessions to help bring in more clients. You think the sessions are going great, but at the end of the calls they say, “Thanks, but I’m not interested right now.” So why aren’t you converting these sessions into clients?

Who Are You Asking?

Who are you asking to sessions? Only people you know? Only people through your web site? It might be time to expand your reach. Offer sessions to people who you’ve just met or friends of friends. Keep looking for opportunities to extend the invitation.

The more invitations, the more times you can get a yes.

Are the people you are asking looking for big change or are they happy with their lives as they are? If they don’t want change, they may not be ready for coaching.

How Are You Asking?

When you ask for an exploratory session do you say, “Look, can you do me a favor and set up a free session with me so I can practice my coaching on you?” Or are you asking in a way that allows them to expect the invitation to coaching?

You can say, “Let’s have a call to see what we could work on that you could turn into your highest priority.” Or, “I’d love to find out what you are working on right now to see if I could help with that. Shall we set up a session?”

How Inspired Are They?

While you were doing your trial session did the potential client seem excited by possibilities? Maybe thinking, “I never thought I could have that, but now I know I can!” Or was it a more ho-hum experience? What can you do to generate that excitement?

Ask For Feedback

An important way of finding out what can be improved in your intro sessions is to ask the potential client. Ask for feedback at the end of the call or a couple days later. Ask questions such as:

  • What did you think coaching might have provided you with?
  • What did you get out of the call?
  • Were you inspired by our session?
  • What stopped you from signing up as a client?

* * *


1) Invite at least one person to an intro session whom you wouldn’t normally ask.

2) Ask for feedback from at least one client after an introductory session.

2) Share what you learned at the BLOG.




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Aussies Only

Friday, January 15th, 2010

I’m a bit stumped so I’m reaching out to my R&D team members
in Australia.

I’m looking for a book packager – a company that does book cover design,
final editing, and interior design – before it goes to the printer.


Do you know someone who would do a great job at all three jobs,
or even one of them? (If I have to use three separate people I will)

Please post in the comments and thanks very much for your help!

P.S. The book launches April 12. Don’t worry, you’ll be hearing more about it.