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1. Announcements/Offers

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2. FEATURE: Overcome Your Fear of Coaching

You would love to be a successful coach, wouldn't you? With a thriving practice?

You know you want more clients. You know you should probably contact a prospective client and give them your pitch.

But, not yet...

Maybe you should do more research, take more classes on coaching, or clean your house.....anything but make that dreaded contact. Your heart starts racing and butterflies roam your stomach as you think of picking up the phone.

What Are You Afraid of?

To overcome your fear, it helps to figure out where your fear is coming from. I had a conversation with a client who wanted to expand her coaching business. But, something was blocking her. To get to the root of her fear I had her think what it would be like if she had tons of clients. I asked, "In your worst-case scenario what are you afraid will happen?" She began with a few general fears like 'fear of success'. I kept asking her to get to the bottom of it.

Some answers included being afraid someone will find out she is a total sham, selfish, insensitive, or completely useless to them. Sounds dramatic, but when we really get down to it - we are ALL afraid of exposing ourselves to the public. (Just imagine speaking in front of 300 people, and you'll get the idea!)

How about you? What are you really afraid of? What is holding you back? Another way to word the question would be, "What do you spend your life trying to avoid hearing?"

Now that the fears have names you can deal with them. I told my client she needed to understand that at some points in time she probably will be selfish, insensitive or useless. We all are - sometimes. There will also be many times she will be the opposite. Time to stop avoiding these things, and confront them!

I suggested she find someone to say the things to her that she was most afraid of hearing, so the words would lose their immobilizing effect. Do you have anyone who could do that for you? (Note - in the actual recording of this session, I did this for her!)

What Are You Committed To?

Are you committed to making a difference in people's lives, or are you committed to protecting yourself? When I asked my client that question the light dawned as she understood she was just trying to protect herself. What a breakthrough!

The great news is, when we realise we have been committed to protection, we can create a new commitment to guide our actions. For example, how about replacing it with: a commitment to contribute to people's lives? Whenever your fears come up, remind yourself of your new commitment, and ask yourself: "Coming from this new commitment, what action would I take now?"

Bernie's Example

I got a call from my good friend and colleague Bernie, who said he had just done an acting audition which wasn't his best performance. He wanted to ask for a second audition, but that was unheard of! He'd been walking around in fear for 20 minutes, trying to decide what to do.

I asked: "What are you committed to?" Suddenly the light went on, and he realised he was committed to giving his best. He went back in there, requested a second audition, and blitzed it!

So how can you apply this in your coaching? Remind yourself what you are committed to. Tell yourself: "despite the wacky things I am feeling in my body I am going to do it anyway!"


Share Your Commitment

Your commitment gains even more power when you let others know about it. I asked my client if she knew anyone she would like to coach, and gave her the assignment to be honest with her prospective client. To speak the things which were holding her back and be willing to share her fears too. She is on her way to a thriving practice, and you could be too just by:

1) Creating a new commitment

2) Sharing that commitment with your prospective clients

So what actions are appropriate for you now? With whom will you share your commitment? How many of your prospects are you going to call? I invite you to write down 5 actions right now and commit to doing them this week. I look forward to hearing the results!

P.S. Would you like to hear the actual coaching session with this client? It's available online now at: (choose the CoachStart™ Library)

3. About the 'Mentor Monthly' Newsletter

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