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ISSUE #42: How to Get Loads of Google Traffic

David Wood, PCC
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1. Announcements/Offers
2. 'How to Get Load of Google Traffic' (FEATURE ARTICLE)
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1. Announcements/Offers

Did you miss your chance? InternetClients Training Program special extended...
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Are you kicking yourself for missing the huge launch special?

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Though you missed the massive discount we offered with the pre-launch special, we've decided to still provide a very hefty discount for you latecomers. But this definitely ends Thursday.

Don't let the price go up any further before you take action.

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Do you HATE cigarette butt litter?

This year I discovered three kids working from home to eliminate the world of cigarette butt litter.

I SO love what they are doing, and believe in their cause that I've been helping out a little in terms of business coaching and web design.

If you believe our planet would be a more lovely place without people throwing their butts on the ground, and you would like to help EDUCATE the public in a nice way - go to their site now to see how you can take part.

ACTION: Ask them for a free colour poster which you can copy and put up around your town and office. (Tell them I sent you)

And - please tell your friends!

Comments? Post them on the blog here. Tell me what you're going to do!


SolutionBox® Announces New Vice President!

I'm thrilled to welcome the very talented, high energy Ben Graham to SolutionBox. Full story...


2. FEATURE: How To Get Loads of Google Traffic To Your Site


(Article excerpted from "How to Get 95% of Your Clients From The Internet" training course.)


One of the fastest ways to get traffic to your web site is using a Pay-Per-Click program. Google's PPC program is called AdWords, and it is the major program used. Basically, you bid on a search term (e.g. "counseling sessions Melbourne") and create a little ad that will appear in the right column of the Google search page. The higher you bid, the higher your ad appears on the page (the higher the better).


It might cost you 5 cents, or $2, for every click or visitor, depending on how much you bid. The trick is to find search terms that your competition hasn't thought of. That way you can get traffic for 5 cents instead of $2! That's the difference between making a profit and a loss when it comes to the PPC engines.


A HUGE advantage of PPC engines is that your traffic is so targeted. In the above example, you pay Google only when someone searching for "counseling sessions Melbourne" clicks on your ad. If you're a counselor in Melbourne, this is EXACTLY your target market, so you have a decent chance of getting a subscriber or client from it.

Sneak Preview Video

Watch and learn the first steps to earning money using Google:



P.S. A word of caution: If you don't know what you're doing with Google ads, you can waste a ton of time and money. Our training program teaches you how to set up your Google Ad Campaign, keystroke by keystroke. Start creating your own client-pulling ads, and cli'ck now to or'der the program:

(P.P.S. Got a comment on this article? Add it to the blog here)

3. About the 'Mentor Monthly ®' Newsletter

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