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ISSUE #40: How to Live SP'AM Free

David Wood, PCC
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1. Announcements/Offers

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2. FEATURE: How to Live SP'AM Fr'ee

Tired of wading through mountains of spam?

At SolutionBox we get up to 1,000 emails a day! I'll show you the software I found that gave me control of my inbox again.

Top Ten Tips

(Hint: the quick answer is Get Mailwasher.
Learn why in this 2 minute bonus video)


  1. NEVER display your email address on a web site. Use a java script if you want to put your email address on your web site. SP'AM harvester robots take email addresses from sites to fill your email box with junk.
  2. Keep a separate email address for purchasing online and filling out surveys. AND for posting to newsgroups or discussion lists. This email address will get a lot of SP'AM, saving your regular email address from being dumped on.
  3. Get Mailwasher, the email filtering system I use. MailWasher allows you to preview your email while it is still on the server and then delete unwanted messages before they can even get to your computer.
  4. 'Bounce' your spam! In MailWasher, likely SP'AM is already marked for deletion, or even for bouncing. This makes the sp'ammer think that your email is bouncing.
  5. Use an intelligent email filtering system. MailWasher learns what you consider SP'AM through a learning column. Mark the trashcan for junk and the little envelope for legitimate email. The program learns each time from your checks and becomes more intelligent each time you use it. Anything not checked will be downloaded when you download your mail as usual. Once you have checked everything you want to, click Process Mail. When it is done you can open your email program to download and read your email.
  6. Keep a 'friends list'. You can make sure your friends' email always reaches you by adding them to your friends list (in our filtering program this is Tools->Options->Display->Friends List). Some filtering programs call this the White List. You can also import friends from your Window Address Book. If you have your address book elsewhere like in Outlook, save it as .csv and import it into your Windows Address Book. And of course you can add support @ (without the spaces) to your friends list so our emails are able to reach you. <s>
  7. Create your own filters by content and other criteria. You can set up filters to delete those Out of the Office messages, anything not sent directly to you, or words like mortgage.
  8. Use known blacklists. A good filter program will check your email against DNS blacklists and FirstAlert - which is the result of what other users consider SPAM. A quick peek at your probable SPAM list can keep you from deleting anything you wanted to keep.
  9. Don't respond to spammers. This just lets them know you have a valid email address.
  10. Avoid using the preview function in your email program because you may get a virus. Plus, it can confirm to the spammer you have viewed the email.

Bonus 2 Minute Video

Here's how I wash my mail.....2 Minute Video

MailWasher Free 30 Day Trial

We have partnered with MailWasher because they save us hours, days and weeks of headaches with our email. You can get a free 30-day trial here: Enjoy taking back your time!

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