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ISSUE #39: Do Your Web Visitors Stay?

David Wood, PCC



1. Announcements/Offers
2. 'Do Your Web Visitors Stay' (FEATURE ARTICLE)
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1. Announcements/Offers

What are they Saying about 'Explode Your Practice™'?

"David, thanks so much for creating Explode Your Practice™. I've listened to all the libraries, and my coaching practice is booming as a result!

I have:

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  • I've started coaching international clients!

Daniel Midson-Short


"I have already listened to at least 6 hours and my ability to open my practice has been accelerated by at least 3-6 months. Hearing David's real life advice to coaches has made a huge difference for me.

This will take months off my learning curve. I won't have to go through the frustrating trial and error process which costs time, money and clients! Thank you, David!"

Jeannie Crowell
Oregon, USA


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How did my cuddles get world famous?

I just happened to turn up in the US Marie Claire magazine that recently hit the stands (July issue). See me in the middle (literally) of an article on Cuddle Parties, the craze that's sweeping the globe!

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2. FEATURE: Do Your Web Visitors Stay?

(Note: At the bottom is a free bonus audio clip.)

You have all the right key words in your site.

Your site is coming up in the search engines.

You are getting traffic. (If not, read about how to get free traffic in Issue #4.)

But your visitors don't stay longer than 20 seconds!

How can you attract the right clients and get your prospects to stay? The biggest reason visitors stay is not because of glitz and flash, but if they feel that your site was specifically designed to help them with their problem.

What's their problem?

What problems are your visitors trying to solve?

For a career coach a problem might be, "I hate my job." Or perhaps one of the problems you solve is, "I want to find a romantic partner." Or maybe you work with people who have lost their direction or purpose.

Put the problem at the top of the page in the form of a question e.g. "Do you hate your job?" BIG LETTERS! Then they'll know they are in the right place.

The benefits

Specifically, how will you help your visitors solve their problem?

If you sell coaching services, how will your coaching help them with their problem? How will your newsletter support them? How will your products make their life easier?

List a big bunch of key benefits of working with you, right on your site. But stay targeted - don't promise immortality too!

Why are you BETTER than the competition?

What makes you different, better, and more uniquely suited for their needs?

Why should they buy from YOU today, instead of the thousands of other sites offering similar things?

Why are you unique?

Tell them.

Subtly if you like - but tell them.


How have you helped others with similar problems? Testimonials with specific results are powerful. "I lost 20 pounds." "I started a new career where I am happier and make $10,000 more a year." When a client emails you a success story, ask if you can use it on your site. At the end of a coaching relationship, ask them what results they got. If you have done a good job coaching, most people would love to let people know how you have helped them.

If you get permission to use their name, email address, company, title, and photo - even better! Adds up to a lot of credibility.


The jury is still out on this one. Some people demand to know the price before contacting you. If they don't see a price, they are may head elsewhere.

I don't recommend you put the price on the front page, but after they've read all the benefits....once they are interested, you may want to list the price somewhere on your site.

Or - allow them to submit their email address and you'll email them your brochure with pricing. That way you can follow up.

And make sure you let them know why your price is good value for them.

Putting it all together

At the top of your web site, you can put your problem questions. Do you hate your job? Are you searching for a new direction? Your prospective clients will say, "Yes, that's me!"

Then list the ways you can help. If it's not clear right away that you have what they need, your prospects are going to leave. Intersperse testimonials throughout the page for credibility. At the end you can add why you are better than the competition, and your price is a good deal.

Give your visitors what they need, and you have a better chance of them ending up a client.

Bonus Audio Clip

This article is taken from the Explode Your Practice™ CD Set.

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