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ISSUE # 34: How to Start Your Own E-Zine (Part I)

David Wood, PCC
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1. Announcements/Offers
2. 'How to Start Your Own E-Zine (Part I)' (FEATURE ARTICLE)
3. About the 'Mentor Monthly™' Newsletter

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1. Announcements/Offers

Congratulations, Michele!

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Our latest exciting project will be available to the public in the next few weeks: A 6 x CD set packed with advanced marketing techniques to help you fill your practice!

So, keep a look out for it, right here in MentorMonthly™.

2. FEATURE: How to Start Your Own E-Zine (Part I)

You know you want to begin your own newsletter.

You know it's CRITICAL for staying in touch with prospective clients, so they will buy from you down the track.

But where do you begin this daunting project? In this article I'll make it easy for you, taking you through a step-by-step process.

Who is Your E-zine For?

Before you start your e-zine, it helps to know what kind of clients you hope to gain so you can write directly to them. Suppose you are focusing on the teacher niche. What would teachers want coaching on? What information do you have to offer your niche? Your newsletter can begin to show solutions to some of their problems.

Sourcing Articles

Stop right now and brainstorm a list of topics you think would be helpful for your newsletter subscribers. See if you can brainstorm at least 20 topic ideas - 50 would be even better. Each one should solve a problem for them. (What problem is this newsletter solving?)

If writing isn't your forté, you can hire a writer to bring your ideas to life or find articles already written in article banks like Idea Marketers: I also have a bunch of articles you can use for your e-zine, right here:

Which Format To Use?

Should you do your newsletter in simple text format? (i.e. no bold, no colors, no pictures).

Or HTML format, like the one you're viewing now?

We send out MentorMonthly™ in two formats, a text version and an HTML version. Text is for people who can't read HTML in their e-mail program, or who don't even receive the e-mail because it has been filtered out by their spam filter. The HTML versions are more attractive and catch the eye better because they have color and pictures. Our newsletter system also sends both formats out at the same time in a version called MIME.

But HTML takes some work. So I suggest you
start with simple text. And make sure you don't
go longer than 60 characters in each line like the
way this paragraph appears. It makes it much
easier to read.

If you decide to do an HTML version, the easiest way to start is by using an HTML program like Dreamweaver and applying templates or making your own templates. A template is the base of your newsletter including the background, your header, your bio, etc. These parts don't change with each issue. Then you just need to change the article and title for each issue. Try doing a Google search on 'HTML templates' or 'newsletter templates' and you will come up with tons of free and for pay templates.

If you don't enjoy working with computer programs, you may want to hire a web designer to do it for you. You will save lots of time and frustration. But again, I would start with simple text, and maybe add an HTML option when you hit 10,000 subscribers.

* * *

Whichever way you go, I invite you to start today! Draft out a simple text article that helps a particular group of people, and send it to a few close friends and colleagues asking for feedback.

In Part II we'll talk about the best length for your e-zine, how to get subscribers, and how to manage all those subscribers - the technicalities. But in the meantime, you can use the amazing system I use - with so many bells and whistles I couldn't even begin to cover them here. You can find my review of the system I use, watch an online video, and even get a free 30 day trial, here:



3. About the 'Mentor Monthly' Newsletter

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