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Issue #27: Free Teleclass, + School Profile - International Coach Academy

David Wood, PCC
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1. Announcements/Offers

Free December Teleclass: Coach Training Skills ICA Style!
All Countries
December 15 6pm New York time
December 15 11pm London time
December 16 10am Sydney time

I'm very happy to announce we'll be joined by a Head Trainer from the International Coaching Academy, covering:

1. Learn one powerful coaching skill

2. Get one valuable business building tip

3. Your questions answered on coach training courses

4. Coach training ICA style

Registration and Free Access to Recording

Get the full details and register for the teleclass (or recording access) now at:


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2. FEATURE: School Profile - International Coach Academy

Summary Statistics

Region: Global
ICF Relationship: Aligned (soon to be accredited)
Training Platform: Teleclass
Training Hours: 200+
Year Founded: 2001
Cost: US$3,080 (approx)
Refunds: 30 days
Training Special: Yes
Preferred Provider: Yes

ICA for me is like a child who has grown and left home. I was one of the original founders back in 2001, gradually moving into smaller and smaller roles until I sold my shares early this year. So while I'm not at all part of the school anymore, I know a lot about it, and am proud of what I started.

The biggest advantage ICA has going for it is the quality of training. While many school's training programs have been designed by coaches, ICA's training was designed by Robyn Logan, who has a Masters in Education, specialising in online learning. And I know of one trainer who told me she left one of the largest organisations in the world to train for ICA, because she was so excited by the quality of the training. I'm not a training expert, but that says a lot to me.

The 30 day refund should give you some comfort, although it's very unlikely you'll need it. The ICA community is very active, and you'll find some real movers and shakers there - in several countries.


I think it's actually a plus that the school has applied for ICF accreditation, and is currently waiting for it's accreditation. At the moment ICA are 'ICF Aligned', meaning your training with ICA will qualify for your ICF certification - but you get the training at roughly $2,000 less than the ICF accredited schools, which is a pretty big savings. If ICA does get accredited after you enroll (I happen to know their application is in), it doesn't really add to the value you're receiving, but the price tag will probably jump. In other words, best to enroll before their accreditation comes through to beat any price rise.

* * *

Students of this school would join because they want a strong coaching community, the luxury of virtual training, and have an appreciation of high quality training.

I recommend you request their newsletter, and sign up for a free test drive of their training environment. (Hint: tell them on the form you heard about ICA at 'SolutionBox' and you'll be eligible for the training special if you ever decide to enroll with this school).

Here you can get details of the training special, currently wor'th US$300.

And make sure you sign up for our fun free teleclass coming up in December: Coach Training Skills ICA Style - available for all countries.



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"David Wood is a personal and business coach, and an original founder of the International Coach Academy - a global coach training school"

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