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Issue 25: Do You Have What It Takes?

David Wood, PCC
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1. Announcements/Offers
2. 'Do You Have What It Takes?' (FEATURE ARTICLE)
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1. Announcements/Offers

Independent Report on Coach Training and Certification

Recently released, this free report by David Wood and Daniel Midson-Short reveals the real story behind coach training and certification, answering these crucial questions:

1. Do you need to be certified at all?
2. How to get a $300 coach training special
3. How to choose the perfect school for you
4. Who should you get certified by? ICF or IAC?
5. What if you already have related training?

Available now as a free download in pdf format at:

(Comes as part of the free Coach Training Mini e-Course)


What Are Coaches Saying About The CoachStart™ eManual?

"Let me start by saying I think this manual is fantastic. It is exactly what each person thinking about starting a coaching business needs to read! The biggest thing I got from this Manual was a new sense of confidence and competence. The simple exercises and role plays you've provided have made me eager to try some new methods.
- Daniel Midson Short

"David, I am really enjoying this Manual! It is clear, practical, comprehensive and inspirational, and it will be a great reference for me as I begin my coaching practice."
- Carolyn Claiborne
- sacredgatherings@

“I wish I had known about the CoachStart Manual before I signed up with my training school. I could have saved myself almost £600!”
-Clare Evans, UK

* * *
After years of hands-on research, including personally mentoring sixty coaches, I've compiled everything I know about starting a successful coaching practice in one easy-to-follow manual.


Get your eManual now at


2. FEATURE: Do You Have What It Takes?

Every one has something to offer. A target market of people who are one step behind or one step ahead of you, is always around.

But new coaches ask me - do I have what it takes to build a successful business?

Here are 7 assets which are definitely an advantage in pursuing coaching as a career:

1. Experience

Are you 15, or 40? Have you truly lived? Have you failed and learned? Or triumphed over adversity?

2. Training

Have you been specifically trained in coaching, or a related field?

3. Confidence

This grows as you coach, and realise there is no right or wrong. But some people have a knowing that everything will work out the way it's supposed to.

4. People Network

Knowing 50 people is better than knowing 10 when you want to get clients.

5. Existing Client Base

If you have an existing base, as do financial planners, fitness trainers, therapists, trainers, and consultants...building your practice will happen faster.

6. Commitment

Is this just something to pass the time for you, or are you truly committed to making a difference on this planet?

7. Having a Mentor Coach

Beginning a coaching practice on your own is a much longer, slower route.

* * *

So how many of the above do you have?

6? 4? 3?

Remember not to take any of this too seriously. The above assets are simply advantages which make the game easier. But all of them can be developed. If you have most of them already, then you can jump in knowing you're ahead of the game. If you have just one or two, then perhaps it's time to get started developing the others.


And have fun!

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