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ISSUE # 24: Top 10 Benefits of Becoming a Coach


David Wood, PCC




1. Announcements/Offers
2. 'Top 10 Benefits of Becoming a Coach' (FEATURE ARTICLE)
3. About the 'Mentor Monthly' Newsletter

1. Announcements/Offers

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2. FEATURE: Top 10 Benefits of Becoming a Coach

Coaching is a very personal experience but we all share in the benefits that coaching brings to our clients and ourselves. We’ve created here the Top 10 Benefits of Being a Coach.

1) Coaching is extremely fulfilling

You get to partner with people in whichever area is MOST important to them right now. You can make an enormous difference to their life, and watch the results unfold. Find out what areas are most fulfilling for you, and work with clients who are pursuing them.

2) Coaching lets you work from home or anywhere else!

Stroll around your front yard using a cordless headset phone, coach from a quiet meeting room at work, or even from the beach. Due to the growing popularity of phone coaching, you can now travel or live in any country in the world, and keep your coaching practice going.

3) Set your own work hours Monday to Wednesday, 10am – 1pm?

You decide when you coach, and when you’ll have free time to create other projects. Prefer to coach in the evenings? Want 2 hours for lunch? It’s your choice.

4) Coaching pays well

Good coaches are exceeding six figure incomes. Suppose you charged in your early stages only $250 per month and provided 30 minute sessions. You could spend two days a week coaching 20 clients, and still make $60,000 that year. And, if you worked up to 30 clients at $400 per month, we’re talking $144,000 for coaching three days a week.

5) Coaching offers you your own business with VERY low overhead

Running your own business gives you a LOT of freedom and room for creativity. And there are not many businesses you can enter with the investment of nothing but your coach training, a computer and a phone. You can also transition safely into the profession by developing a client base BEFORE you cut back to 3 days a week at your regular job, or even quit.

6) Coaching creates continual personal growth

By asking a lot of your clients, you'll find you naturally begin to ask a lot of yourself. You cannot help but grow and expand, and achieve results as you ask them to grow and expand, and achieve results. Imagine reaching a startling insight for yourself in a coaching session, and you're getting paid for it!

7) Your personal development is tax deductible!

Any course you do related to personal growth, including any travel you need to do to take the training, is generally tax deducible (check with your accountant). Want to learn Reiki? Yoga? Management skills? If you're passing it on to your clients and getting paid for it, it's a business expense.

8) Coaching allows you to network with other winning coaches

You become part of a dynamic worldwide community. Need a contact in London? Visa information for Canada? Advise on coaching while traveling the world? You'll find the coaching community surprisingly generous and supportive.

9) Coaching equals creativity

Coaching clients regularly is an amazing structure for creativity in your life. The world becomes a huge palette where your job is to help brainstorm ideas and strategies for your clients. It's impossible for you to not come up with ideas and strategies for yourself and those around you! A new book? A series of audio tapes? How to reduce hunger? A web course for girls hitting puberty? Who knows where you will end up!

10) Get in at the ground floor of an emerging profession

As a profession, coaching is in its infancy. It is less than 15 years old in the US. If you start now, in five years you could be a leader in your profession.

By David Wood and Geoff Grist




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David Wood is a Professional Life Coach, and author of the powerful Free Download: '50 Life Coaching Questions to Take Control of Your Life and Help Your Clients'. He helps coaches, consultants, speakers and trainers to build their businesses via his popular ebook: "10 Super Coaches Share Their Secrets" and his audio ebook: "Getting Your First 50 Clients".

David Wood is a personal and business coach, past chair of the ICF Publicity Committee, and founder of a global coach training school.

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