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Issue #23: How to Get Clients From the Web and Email

David Wood, PCC
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1. Announcements/Offers
2. 'How to Get Clients From the Web and Email' (FEATURE ARTICLE)
3. About the 'Mentor Monthly™' Newsletter

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1. Announcements/Offers - get Fr*ee Membership!

This powerful service actually helps to turn your prospects and colleagues into clients! We'll create your Free Goals Quiz with your name or logo, and even host it so you don't even need a web site. Just send your prospects to your customised quiz, and the system handles the rest! (You can see why from the coach's side it's called ClientStream™).

To celebrate the launch of, we're offering Fr*ee Membership as a gift to all our newsletter subscribers. But it's for a limited time, so get in fast!

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2. FEATURE: How to get clients from the web or email

To get clients from the web, you have to engage them.

To get clients from email, you have to engage them.

I'm talking about interactivity....

You can't just put up a blurb and a bio - you need to give them something enticing to click on.

One way is to offer a valuable free download. (If you don't have one of your own, you're welcome to use one of mine.) This captures their email address and begins a dialogue between you.

Another way is to give away a free mini e-course; a series of emails that provides value in some way.

But even better....

An Interactive Quiz

Offer them an interactive quiz which inspires them. One which helps them create possibilities in their life, which may then require a coach!

After all, if Bill Bloggs has no goals, he has nothing to work on with a coach. But if after 5 minutes on your interactive quiz he has three inspiring goals - then he's excited! You now have a potential client.

Of course then you have to create such an interactive quiz, along with all the programming fees and headaches.



What if I said I would create a customised online coaching quiz that you could give to your friends and potential clients?

I mean one that I would host, so you don't even need a web site?

One that is likely to inspire them, and turn them into clients?

One that sends them a customised pdf report with their new goals?

I mean one with your company name and logo (if you have one).

A quiz that took me several months and a few thousand dollars to create, but will take you 5 minutes to set up?

And if I could swing it so you get a copy of their goals report...?

I know - you're probably thinking 'This sounds amazing. When does David drop the bomb and tell me how much it costs?' Well this is a good day for you, because to celebrate the launch of

Fr*ee Membership to

No - that's not a typo, and no - there's not a catch. This service is currently free for my newsletter subscribers.

Why? Partly because we're still tweaking and improving it, and partly because I want to get 1000 coaches using the service. I'll get increased exposure and some more newsletter subscriptions, so I do get something out of it.

Down the track I plan to charge for premium features. But if you register by August 10, I guarantee you'll get all the premium features for at least 3 months. (And after that we may still continue to provide a basic service for free).

Brand your own quiz in under 5 minutes, and get started helping those around you to set their life goals:



3. About the 'Mentor Monthly' Newsletter

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