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Issue #20: Your 10 Min. Coaching DVD

David Wood, PCC
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1. Announcements/Offers

How to Save $3000 on Your Coach Training

Nowhere before now have I been able to find a school willing to release it's entire training curriculum at an affordable price. You had to sign up for their full training costing thousands of dollars.

A Master Certified Coach and founder of a global training school has created whole self-study coach training package including manual, books, audio, video and other resources.

With this Deluxe Coaching Kit you can get a school's entire curriculum for under $1,000 – which so far I haven't found anywhere else.

coaching kit

I reviewed the kit myself, but also asked my good friend and new coach Luke MacDonald to review the materials in depth, to make sure new coaches would love this. He sent me this email:

"The mass of information covered in the manual was unbelievable! I enjoyed the audio cassettes and videos the most. All of this combined with the 12 months coaching support and marketing critique from Terri Levine equals a package that really is great value for money."
Luke MacDonald

You can read my full review of the Deluxe Coaching Kit and order your copy today here:


2. FEATURE: Your 10 Minute Coaching DVD

(Note: This article includes a link to a bonus online video clip)

It's not always easy to connect with your passion as a coach. And most of us spend months, years and decades trying connect with who we really are - not only as people, but as coaches.

What are we truly passionate about? What do we love? What are we committed to? What is it about our coaching that is so valuable? can I communicate all this to my prospective clients in a powerful way - to build a relationship and get even more clients?

I'm going to share with you a wonderful experience I had this month - making my own 10 minute coaching video or DVD. And I'll tell you how you can make your own 10 minute coaching video or DVD - inexpensively.

I highly recommend EVERYONE who is coaching, or considering coaching, follow at least the BASIC approach outlined below. What a great way for your web site visitors, and other prospective clients, to get to know you and build a relationship with you - while you sl-eep!

Before You Begin...

Before you start, I suggest you first watch my 10 minute DVD online to really get a feel for what's possible. I love the result, and hope you enjoy it too:

The Basic Approach (Simple Audio)

  • Have a friend draw up a list of provocative questions. Separately compile your own list of questions, and then blend the two lists.
  • Have your friend interview you for 20 minutes and record it using a simple tape recorder.
  • It's great to have your friend start with something like: "I'm joined here in the virtual studio today by Bob Smith. This is a great opportunity to get to know Bob's coaching style, and to pick up some powerful insights and tips for life."
  • Just flow through from beginning to end, not trying to get it right. The idea is to bring out your passion! To help you realise who you really are through the questioning. Why you're coaching, what you love, who you really want to help, your philosophy on life, on people....
  • When you're done, consider some simple editing from one tape recorder to another. Or if you want to keep it simple, just do a 10 minute interview and don't touch it!
  • Even bettter - record it into your computer using a free software package (e.g. will record straight into mp3), and snip out the bits you don't want to keep. The fastest and easiest way is to use a service which converts your phone call into streaming audio - just do a three way conference call with your interviewer. I suggest Instant Audio at:

    (Sign up for their $1 trial - you can even cancel at the end of the month if you don't want to use it ongoingly).

  • If you make a special request, they'll let you download the file to your hard drive where you can use a free editing package (if you really want to put some effort into this) to edit the mp3 file. WavePad is free at

Then - you will have a 10 minute audio segment that you can mail (on tape) to prospective clients or the media, or convert into streaming media for your website.

The Intermediate Approach (Basic Video)

I strongly encourage you to do this on video, rather than audio tape. You'll get to see yourself answer important questions; and will find it quite a powerful experience.

Here's the cheapest way to get a basic video tape you can use:

  • Borrow a digital video camera from a friend. Set it up on you, with good lighting. I suggest a medium shot showing just your shoulders up - so you really get to see your facial expressions. Test a couple of minutes first to make sure you're loud enough, and that your picture is clear.
  • Now - follow the steps in 'BASIC' above, but with you on camera. Your friend will be sitting just to the left or right of the camera, and you'll look at them rather than at the camera. In the finished product you'll hear their voice asking the questions, but won't ever see their face. This is about you.
  • Keep this one to 10 minutes only, and if you don't like it, redo it. But don't get too picky - it doesn't have to be perfect - just has to bring out the real you! If you make a mistake - laugh about it! I suggest 10 minutes because getting into editing is more expensive. You're after a good solid 10 minutes that you can use - untouched.
  • When you're done, call around to the local camera stores (or even better, search for 'video duplication services' in the yellow pages), and find someone who'll copy the tape onto VHS, AND give you a CD ROM with two windows media files (.wmv) - one which will stream at 256kbps, and one that streams at 56kbps (for people on slow connections).

Now you will have a video cassette you can copy at home to lend to a prospective client, corporation or the media. And - you'll have a CD ROM you can give to your web person so they can upload the appropriate files to your web server and have the video stream.

The Advanced Approach (Professional Video or DVD)

The BASIC approach above will give most coaches a wonderful experience, and a product they'll be happy with. However, if you want to go even further and produce something you could use for auditioning for a TV appearance, for example, or for corporations - particularly when you don't want to have to travel a long way just to find out you're not what they are looking for - then consider a more advanced approach.

You're after a local production studio that can supply you with a camera person, equipment, editing suite, and editor.

My DVD cost me A$400 (US$300) for the master tape, and another A$200 to get it all onto a DVD in US and Australian format.

Advantages of the professional approach are:

  • You'll have quality lighting and sound which lends more credibility to your services.
  • You can get a quality intro and outro including music at both ends, and even slow motion clips from your footage - showing you laughing and smiling (see my online clip for an example).
  • You can edit out the interviewer's questions. (Note: make sure if you're going to do this, that you embed the questions back into your answer. E.g. 'What has traveling done for your growth?" You reply with "You know - traveling has helped my coaching a lot...."
  • You can edit sections that didn't quite work, and even rearrange the answers so they fit more closely into a flowing story. This made a big difference to my final DVD.
  • It doesn't have to be DVD of course - but it's not a huge additional cost once you've come this far.

* * *

Making my own Coaching DVD has been a wonderful experience.

It has helped me connect with Who I really am as a coach - to connect with my passion for coaching, and for living life! And - it's given me something I can give to a TV producer considering me for a TV spot.

I highly recommend you go through this process - even if you don't record a thing, it's a great experience just for you. And please let me know how you go! We're happy to answer any questions you have.



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