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1. Announcements/Offers

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2. FEATURE: Take Their Goals Away From Them

All coaches will face times when the client is resisting something. It can be extremely frustrating to constantly hear a client (or friend for that matter) talk about why they can't do something - and keep bringing up blocks instead of looking for solutions. It's almost like they are committed to staying safe and not going for their goal.

I can sometimes find myself drawn or sucked into throwing out possible solutions that come to mind (not the best coaching).

And still they knock these down. By this stage you should have realised that you're pushing uphill, and that it might be time to try a different tack: taking their goal away from them!

Here's a recent conversation I had at a restaurant with a person I had just met (let's call him John):

John said: 'Wow - you're a coach? What would you say to someone who always wanted to play more music, but didn't have the time or money to do it?'

We talked about what he really wanted, and he brought up several blocks in the way: 'Oh but my work takes up a lot of time'.

'How would it feel to cut back work to 3-4 days a week and put time into your music'? I asked.

'Oh - but we really need the money because we have a mortgage'

'Well - would you be willing to devote 7 extra hours on the weekend to expressing yourself through music?'

'Oh no - I need some time to relax and to be with my wife. Plus there's a lot to do around the house'.

After less than five minutes of not enjoying this I finally said: 'Well how's this for a plan? You keep your current hours at your job, pay off your mortgage, and then when you're 80 you look back and wonder what could have happened if you really followed your passion?'

He sat there stunned for a few moments, and then blurted out: 'But that sounds like a terrible plan!' 'Well - isn't that the one you're currently working with?'


Call someone who wants something to be different, but keeps complaining about how they couldn't do it - all they can see are blocks (e.g. they want to leave a relationship, or switch jobs, but just don't do it). Suggest that they give up - i.e. dump the goal and keep doing what they are doing (e.g. stay in the relationship and in 20 years time wonder who you might have met if you had left next week; stay in your job for another 10 years, and then look around once you're past it). You must say it very seriously as if you mean it as a valid option.

Sometimes when they are resisting a goal, you need to take it away from them and watch them squirm! And have fun with it.



3. About the 'Mentor Monthly' Newsletter

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