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Issue #18: Save $3000 on Coach Training

David Wood, PCC
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1. Announcements/Offers

Registrations Now Open for May SuccessSolutions™ Teleforum

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you can't make this TeleForum, register anyway if you would like us to send you the recording of the call. Only registered subscribers will receive the recording.

Topic: "How to Get Your First 50 Clients" - for all professionals. I'll be expanding upon material from my ICF Conference speech found at, including:

  • The Biggest Problem Facing Professionals in Their New Business
  • How to Communicate Your Service to Create Excitement
  • The Fastest Way to Your First 50 Clients

When: Wednesday, May 19 at 6:00 p.m. New York time. (Or Thurs May 20 8am Sydney time)

Cost: Free

Who: Joining me live will be Ernest F. Oriente (aka 'The Million Dollar Coach'), and Judy Feld (Past ICF President) of For information about their SmartMatch Alliance Certified Trainer program, please send an E-mail to with "SMA Registration Form" in the Subject Line. To view their list of Certified Trainers visit

Register: Register and/or get access to the recording after the call, by going to:


$70 off the SuperPass - until May 15

To give you an incentive to really dive into your practice this month, I'm taking US$70 off the price - until May 15 only.

This is the training even a coaching school cannot give you - listening to actually coaching clips with live clients, in real life situations.

Even better, they've been edited so you just get the power sections.

And - we've added two full libraries of my mentoring with coaches building their businesses!

Save $70 until May 15 here:

Access SUPERPASS Discount

(Note: you'll see your discount on the final order page)


ADV: Coaches' Boot Camp - July USA
Are you a high flyer looking to become one of the top coaches in the US?

Terri Levine, Master Certified Coach is hosting two Super Success Field Trips for only 24 coaches. This course promises huge results for coaches ready to put the work in. What sold me, is that Terri backs it with a money-back-guarantee

Time wise - Terri is offering $3000 in free bonuses for coaches who jump in and sign up by May 16.

Read the results other coaches produced, and secure your spot and bonuses here:


2. FEATURE: How to Save $3000 on Your Coach Training

When I heard about Terri's coaching kit, I had to take a look.

Why? Because nowhere before now have I been able to find a school willing to release it's entire training curriculum at an affordable price! You had to sign up for their full training costing thousands of dollars.

I thought of this a couple of years ago. I even mentioned it to the Board of Directors at my old training school, but we had other priorities at the time.

Many coaches are self-motivated. They want to train - but to do it at their pace. To devour training materials when and where they want to, instead of being tied to a training schedule. And - they want it at an affordable price.

Or - they want to study a school's training in-depth before making the big decision to enroll in a certified training program (which can cost big bucks).

So wouldn't it be great to get an entire dump of a school's training curriculum for under $1000!?

Finally I've found a school that has done just this, and here's my review of their product...

Review of 'The Deluxe Coaching Kit'

Terri is a Master Certified Coach with the ICF, which is largely why I looked at the product in the first place. The founder of Comprehensive Coaching U (a training school), she has created whole self-study training package including manual, books, audio, video and other resources.

With this Deluxe Coaching Kit you can get a school's entire curriculum for under $1,000 – which so far I haven't found anywhere else.

The kit is also a nice way to check out Comprehensive U's whole curriculum, before upgrading to their Certified Training Program. The point is, you have the choice.

There also seems to be a lot of support for building your business, as well as training in the techniques of coaching. The package includes a year's worth of e-mail coaching with Terri herself, plus a customised critique of your marketing plan and materials.

My Investigation

In deciding whether or not to recommend this to my subscribers, I first bought it myself so I could thoroughly check it out. I liked the package and found the Curriculum Manual in particular to be very comprehensive. And - I asked a good friend and new coach Luke MacDonald to review the materials in depth to ensure this is also value for money from a new coach's perspective.

He was very positive and sent me this email:

"The mass of information covered in the manual was unbelievable! I enjoyed the audio cassettes and videos the most. All of this combined with the 12 months coaching support and marketing critique from Terri Levine equals a package that really is great value for money."
Luke MacDonald

After reviewing the product, SolutionBox is delighted to partner with Terri to promote the Coaching Kit.

Fee and Guarantee

The whole package costs US$897 (translating to around A$1288 and £505). Shipping seems very reasonable - even international shipping is only around US$25. Like most internet products it's loaded with lots of free bonuses - and these look pretty solid to me.

As usual for me, the guarantee is the clincher. Terri offers a 30 day money back guaran'tee. So you can feel save getting the kit, immerse yourself in it, and get a refund within 30 days if you're not loving it. (You pay for return postage which is fair).

To read more about the Deluxe Coaching Kit and to pick up your copy, visit:

Upgrade Option to the Full Certified Training

If you're thinking of getting the Coaching Kit as a way of 'auditioning' this school i.e. as a prelude to joining their Certified Training Program - I think that's a very smart move.

You'll get to see their style, their customer service, and have some contact with Terri before making your upgrade decision. And Terri has assured me you won't pay the full training fee if you upgrade - just the difference between the training fee and the coaching kit price.

Plus - the Coaching Kit gives you a 30 day back-door (guarantee) while the certified training doesn't. By getting the Coaching Kit first you keep your options nice and open.

Special Note

I like this product so much, we're currently negotiating a joint venture with Terri. It looks like we'll be able to get our subscribers a US$300 bonus if you decide to enroll in their Certified Training Program. Details haven't been finalised, but all you need to remember for now is to email us BEFORE you sign up - and we'll give you the special bonus code.

To read more about the Deluxe Coaching Kit and to pick up your copy, visit:


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