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ISSUE #35: 'Your Top 3 Goals in Life - in 5 minutes'

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1. Announcements/Offers
2. ''Your Top 3 Goals in Life - in 5 minutes'' (FEATURE)
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1. Announcements/Offers

Free Relationship Success Teleclass - in under 24 hours

Whether or not you've read my ebook 'The Truth About Women', you'll love this free, one-off teleclass which covers Winning Moves In Relationship. With special guests Jon Webster and Carin Cahn who studied with the More Institute. Let's have some fun!

You dial into a US number from anywhere in the world.

(Want the recording? Sure, just use the same registration link below.)

To register, and get the exact time and number to call, visit:



2. FEATURE: Your Top 3 Goals in 2004 - in 5 minutes!

Want to discover/clarify your top three goals?

In about 5 minutes? (OK, sometimes 10).

And free of charge?

I'm thrilled to announce that after several months and a few thousand dollars, you can now get your personalised, customised, Free Goals Report.

Now - it won't achieve the goals for you (smile), but it's a quick simple exercise that also emails you a pdf report you can print and hang on your wall.

And - you have the option of receiving a complimentary email or phone review of your Goals Report by a coach.

It's normally $9.95 but because we want to launch with a big bang, it's currently free!

To clarify your top 3 goals in the next 10 minutes visit:



Want to Host this Quiz/Report on Your Site?
Looking for More Clients?

How would you like to be the coach listed on the goals report above?

i.e. Where it says 'Daniel Midson-Short' at the page above, would you like it to say your name, your company, and your logo?

Instead of web visitors passing you buy, wouldn't you prefer to engage them with a valuable, interactive quiz?

And when the report is filled in, would you like to get a copy, with an invitation to email or call a potential client?

Just fill in the quiz above so you can see how it all works. And keep a look out for the 'Want this form on your site' link.

Because this is new, we're currently letting coach's sign up for free!




3. The Personal Touch

I've been thinking of zipping over to California for a Paul Lowe course the last couple of months (www.paullowe.org). But the money, the time, my friends couldn't go, and Bron wanted me to stay at home.

Then I read some Paul Lowe 'wisdom nuggets' and one jumped out at me: "When in doubt, do it".

That's all I needed! Now I'm booked on a 7 week trip including Harbin Hot Springs, the huge Burning Man event in Nevada, New York, and Berlin. Woo hoo!

Even better, Bron's caught the excitement and decides today if she comes too. Very, very, cool.

And even better than that, our communication has been amazing. Sharing all the feelings coming up, and moving from protecting our own interests to having compassion for the other persons. We're having a ball.

And I've started the ball rolling on a 'light hearted grief ebook'. Instead of getting TOO significant and depressed with grief, I want to share some wonderful stories about lightness, honouring, love and spark people have been able to bring into the process. We'll be collecting stories from you soon.

Lots of love and fun,


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David Wood is a personal and business coach, and a founder of the International Coach Academy - a global company training coaches in nine countries. He is a Professional Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation (ICF) based in Washington, D.C.

David has coached people in 13 countries via telephone and email. He helps people tap into their passion and adventure, and get into action! He works with professionals on career direction and personal issues, with small business owners, and managers/executives. He also helps coaches start or accelerate their coaching practice via the CoachStart™ Program at http://www.CoachStart.com/Mentor.htm