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ISSUE #33: 'How to Slow Your Spinning Mind'

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1. Announcements/Offers

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2. FEATURE: How to Slow Your Spinning Mind

Note: Bonus audio included in this issue.

Have you ever laid in bed trying to fall asleep, but your mind keeps spinning with all the things you need to do? Your thoughts just keep ticking?

We wind ourselves up like a motor when we pile on more things than can possibly get done in the time frame have. When we rush to appointments, speed in the car, load up on coffee, smoke on our breaks and make it to places "just in time", it's no wonder some of us can have a hard settling in for the night. Or settling in for the day!

So how can we keep our mind from spinning?

Life and Death?

Most of what is keeping our minds whirling isn't as serious as we make it out to be. Besides keeping yourself physically safe, nothing has to happen. Getting something for the kids or trying to make it to the hairdresser appointment is not life or death. Most of the time if things don't get done when we think they should get done, life stills goes on. When you are out sick, the world doesn't stop revolving. We forget this because we like to stay busy and experience the adrenaline rush.

Take Time Out For Yourself

I know I say this often, but it is so important to have a time when nothing is planned and you aren't bothered by the kids. Maybe you can get some pampering done, like a massage. Yoga is wonderful because it allows you to be physical, and can act like a busy person's meditation.

Drop Some "To Do's"

It's likely you have a LOT going on. Is there anything you can drop from your to do list? Do you have a committee you are on that you don't like and is just taking up time? Do you dislike housecleaning or gardening? Find a housekeeper or gardener! Get rid of to do's that take up time, but don't add to the quality of your life.

Have a Quiet Evening

Usually the times I have trouble sleeping are when I have worked too late or have been watching an action packed movie right before bed. The computer screen and the quick-paced movie are too stimulating late at night. Try turning off the computer or TV at least an hour before bed. Relax with some soft music or a book instead.

Leave Work at Work

I heard a story of a man who felt extremely guilty when he was at work because he wasn't spending time with his family. Then, when he went home he felt guilty that he wasn't working. He was miserable most of the time....until one day he had a flash of insight. He decided he would enjoy work when he was at work and enjoy his family when he was at home. Living in the moment helped him be happier.

Can you experiment with focusing on where you are?

* * *

As you can see, just a few simple changes can bring you closer to a calmer and more peaceful mind.

Bonus Audio

As a bonus for this article, I've made available the original interview I did with ABC radio. Listen to this 7 minute clip for greater detail and motivation to slow down that mind:

7 Min Radio Interview in Mp3 format (in Windows, right click and save to your computer to listen in your favourite Mp3 player.)




3. The Personal Touch

It was exciting to have a US producer ask me to apply for a role as a coach in a TV show. Seems my home made audition tape wasn't up to scratch, so with her input I had a professional 10 minute DVD created which was very fun and rewarding! (You can view it online here). Final results aren't in yet but I've made it to the top ten.

I've been playing squash again like mad after a five year break, and just won the A grade at a recent tournament. Feels Awesome to be back on the court, and I've even started a weight program to get serious for the competition coming up next season.

Had a wonderful experience yesterday of listening to someone who was angry. All sorts of things were coming at me which would normally plug me right in. For some reason I could see it for what it was, and even see a lot of truth in what was said - and I was OK with all of it. There was nothing I needed to make happen. After about half an hour the person was happy because I had heard everything without reacting. It was a wonderful experience to feel aware and centred.

Bron and I spent a week in Sydney to see where we might like to live next year, and just had my parents visit for a week - wonderful to have family around!

And a huge project is just about done! Discover your top three goals for 2004 at www.FreeGoalsReport.com/quiz.asp?id=45


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