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1. Announcements/Offers

Can you imagine being a fly on the wall…

For some of my very best coaching sessions from the last 3 years? Listening to a client have a powerful breakthrough? Or hear me mentor a coach on building a successful web site?

Even better - I’ve whittled them down to the power sections – some clips are only 1-5 minutes! Check it out here:

Coaches access page

Public access page

2. FEATURE: Double Your Living

I want you to know the beauty of life.

I want you to AWAKEN, and see that people want to connect with you. I want you to finally realize how desperately you want to connect with other human beings, and then ........ to distinguish, to see clearly, the 100 barriers we accidentally, and deliberately put up to stop that happening!

At core most of us are raised believing we are bad. Unfortunately, if this is true, we are also surrounded by people feeling the SAME. The fact that intimacy DOES occur on the planet COULD be referred to by some as a miracle. If one scared human being looks like actually getting close to us, the fear of BEING SEEN, and consequently being REJECTED leads to instant barriers. I believe the purpose of life is to find those barriers and bring them down.

But that won't happen today.....

I want you to get to know, how scared you are, and love yourself for it. Then I want you to realize how scared everyone else is, and laugh at the joke. (You walk into a party and head to the kitchen - safe from the scary people! - but they're feeling the same way! It's a joke!) But you won't get to know this - to really know this - today.

I want you to remember with joy the most intimate, loving experiences of your life, and then imagine them tripled. Imagine them tripled in intensity, and imagine having them five - times - more - often! (That's FIFTEEN times the intimacy and love for the mathematicians out there). Imagine lying on your death bed, surrounded by loved ones, breathing 'I have truly lived, like few have lived before me'. Imagine them saying at your funeral: 'This woman, or this man, will be remembered for truly opening up to others. For truly seeing people and loving them as they are. And! For first finding out what it took to love her self, so that she could love others.'

Is that all I want? No.

I want you to be so uninhibited by the thinking of others, that self expression becomes the NORM for you! We've been conditioned since the age of TWO......to quash our impulses. Our natural desires are now strained through filters so fine, so powerful, and so automatic, that perhaps -out of TEN, only 1-3 of our natural impulses make it through to the outside world.

Is that possible? Could we be 30% expressed? Who has ever felt the impulse to hug someone, or kiss someone, or compliment someone, and held back? I had the strong impulse to hug my gardener! But it felt "INAPPROPRIATE". But who knows how she would have felt? Who knows how that could have impacted her whole day, and who she might have hugged? It was a natural desire which never got expressed. Inappropriate. How many INAPPROPRIATES do you have in your life?

I want you to be so uninhibited by the thinking of others, that self expression becomes the NORM for you!

Is that too much to want? I don't think so. I want it for you. I also want it for myself.

Question: Whatever level of LOVE, INTIMACY and PEACE you have now, WHAT WOULD IT TAKE TO DOUBLE IT!?

And we know that's not going to happen today. We've had 30, 50 YEARS of conditioning. That won't happen today.

But it can happen - in bursts, and continuously for life.

So "How do I do that?" "How do I Double My Living - now, and for the rest of my life?". Well, I will tell you the best way I know.


OPTION 1 Immerse Yourself in a Community which GROWS you.

The quickest and most powerful way I know to do this, is to Do a Mind Blowing Course. Leave the comfort zone and jump into what's beyond it. Surround yourself with people doing the same thing.

I personally recommend The Forum, run by Landmark Education. If you're close to a capital city, you might be lucky enough to have a center close by. I send all my friends, family and clients there, and no - I don't get commission or a toaster. I estimate 40% of people have clear life-changing experiences, 40% say they learned tools which make a big difference to their life, and 20% don't realize it until years later, or just can't hear the information. If you do do this, PLEASE drop me a line and let me know how it went.

OPTION 2 Find a Coach

Now I want you to note something here. I'm a coach! One way I make a living is getting paid to move people forward in their lives. I don't MAKE A CENT from you doing the course recommended above. And yet I'm actually saying if you're choosing between doing The Forum, and hiring a coach - then do The Forum.

But if you're not up for that - if you don't work best in a group of 200, or if you've already done a bunch of courses and you're ready for personalized attention, then I recommend coaching. Coaches normally coach once a week by phone (or in person), and by email. Issues range from relationships to life/work balance to cleaning out your closets. If you would like to give coaching a shot, or find out more about it:

1) Visit my site at Life Coaching Resource for information on coaching.

2) Get a free complimentary consultation where we try each other out and see if we want to work together.

Enjoy the ride!

Enjoy what you have, pat yourself on the back for how far you've come, and now, take action to Double Your Living!


3. The Personal Touch

My goal is to profoundly impact people, by inspiring growth-producing action. So by sending me your honest feedback, you will help me have a ~greater impact~, on MORE people. In particular I'm interested in a) any anecdotes/stories about how these newsletters have helped someone b) what's great about the newsletter, and c) anything that could be dropped or improved.

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4. About the 'Create a Life You Love' Newsletter

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