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ISSUE #29: 'Finding Mr. or Ms. Right' - Part 2

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1. Announcements/Offers
2. 'Finding Mr. or Ms. Right - Part 2' (FEATURE ARTICLE)
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1. Announcements/Offers

Three Prime Domains to Give Away

I'd like to give away:

www.careercoaching.com.au ,

www.professionalspeaker.com.au , and


to a coach who is seriously ready to build and promote their web site. There's no f'ee; all I ask is that you maintain a link to one of my sites. If you're ready to build your site now (not some day), then email me at davidt@lifecoachingresource.com and let me know which site you want, what your business plans are, and why you should get the site!

2. FEATURE: Finding Mr. or Ms. Right (Part 2 )

Last month, I detailed the first simple but powerful method for finding a partner: Finding out who you want, where they hang out, and then hanging out there! (Back issue here).

In the second part of this two-part series you will find an even more powerful strategy: Become More Attractive. Do not overlook this strategy.

STRATEGY 2: Become More Attractive

In the past I've helped clients charge out into the dating scene -- but something happens. Something in their life just seems to repel potential partners. Either that, or they unknowingly 'send' people away because they just don't feel ready to really partner someone.

The smart way to find a partner, is to become so attractive that people want to hang out with you.

To improve your own life, so that you're enjoying your own company more, and potential partners want to come and play!

Why are you looking?
Many times when we are looking for a relationship, it is because we don't feel complete on our own. I know I've felt like this often. Are you living such a passionate, joyful life that a partner would simply be a bonus -- or are you coming from a place of deep need? If the latter, it's possible people will pick up on this and either not approach, or you'll only get the needy people!

Working on yourself first is smarter. Here are some ways to create a better life for yourself. What's the worst that can happen -- that you love your life more?(grin).

Enjoying your life...
If you aren't fully loving your life, ask yourself what you can do to make your life more fun. Make lists of things you love to do and start doing them. Do you love to bike ride? Has it been awhile since you've gone out dancing? Call a friend and go to the club. Have you been meaning to sign up for that computer class? Sign up today!

If you are out there enjoying your life, reading your poetry at coffee houses, playing guitar with friends, writing your novel at the café, you are more attractive to other people. Other people will see your joy and want to have fun with you.

As a bonus, if you are having a ball in your life, you won't care as much if you don't get into a relationship right away. Ironically that's when you will find people wanting to join you!

Be the person you want to attract...
This is pretty simple, but how many people on the planet skip this step!?

If you want a non-smoker, stop smoking.

If you want a tidy person who cares about their personal appearance, become tidy, and upgrade your wardrobe and grooming.

If you want someone fit and healthy, eat well and exercise regularly.

If you want someone with passion and integrity, spend your time expressing YOUR passion, and tell the truth even when it costs you something.

This is a great way to polish your life, and become more attractive to your ideal partner.

Take care of yourself
Being between relationships is a fantastic time to learn to take better care of yourself. Schedule in extra time for massages, exercise, spiritual practices, and reading. Pay close attention to how you feel. Check in often during the day and ask yourself, "What do I need at this moment?"

Notice when you start to feel irritated or tired. You might need to take a breather, a nap or a walk. Have fun discovering the best ways for you to work and dig deep to uncover the self-care actions that make you feel great.

Pampering yourself is a great way to feel happier about life - which makes dating you so much more fun!


For specific help and support in polishing your life and becoming much more attractive, listen online to my live coaching in the CoachingClips.com Personal Growth Library. It's currently selling for only $39. (List of clips here.)



3. The Personal Touch

It's been an exciting month with the launch of '10 Super Coaches Share Their Secrets' to my R&D team. Boy was that more work than I thought! But well worth it.

Now that the brand is starting to roll out (draft and products list here) I'm looking forward to creating a free service for coaches and the public (Discover Your Goals online form) -- and, don't you think a coach training video would be awesome? With four of the best coaches doing on-camera real life coaching.

And have you ever seen a kangaroo in a dentist's chair? Take a look at one of Bronnie's cuter patients!

Love David

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