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ISSUE #23: 'Finding Your Goals for 2003'

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1. Announcements/Offers
2. 'Finding Your Goals for 2003' (FEATURE)
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1. Announcements/Offers

How was this marriage saved?

I was very moved to receive this success story from the latest reader of ‘The Truth About Women’ ebook: 

"David, I have to say thank you sooooo MUCH!!! My husband and I seemed to be worlds apart until I found your ebook. We were in such bad shape I thought there was no where left to go.

We starting reading 'The Truth About Women' together about a week ago and it was as if the light came on. He actually looked at me and said "I GET IT!” I understand now what you've been trying to tell me all along"

We have our good days and our bad days, but the bad ones are becoming far less and when we need to we just reference your ebook to seek coaching! 

I know this all sounds so stereotypical but it is the truth. Thank you so much. You have truly saved a family from it's own demise!" 

Tracey Iverson
West Chester PA USA
gtkiverson @ aol.com 

Click here for ‘The Truth About Women

2. FEATURE: Finding Your Goals for 2003

Welcome to the New Year! Did you ever want to be one of those people who make resolutions every year and actually stick to them?

My good friend Peter Hegarty has made 3 resolutions every year for the last 15 years, and completed every one!!! Imagine if you had set and achieved 45 extra goals for your life!

But that's pretty 'out there'. This article isn't for those of you who easily create three resolutions every year, create a plan for achieving them, and put it into action without effort.

No - it's for those of us who WANT to make some changes to our life, and are JUST ABOUT to do some goal setting, and were waiting for the push that comes from this very newsletter. Well here it is!

And you'll be glad to hear I'm not going to bust your chops about goals. I'm clear that many of us don't set goals because we don't want to set ourselves up for 'failure'. It's a bit confronting. Well - welcome to the 'easy flow' method of goal setting. I'm going to simply invite you to create three goals that will make a difference to your life, and then to put them up on your wall. If you don't complete them - what have you lost? You're no worse off. And if just picking some goals and putting them on your wall is enough to tip you over the edge and cause some results, then you've discovered a very easy way to make changes!

So let's get started. Here's my 3 Step Goal FinderT method:

1) Firstly pick an area of your life that you really would love to polish up. (Not SHOULD polish up, but would LOVE to polish up).

2) Then set a target or goal that would put a smile on your face when achieved, and write by when you would like to have it. (A stretch is OK, but keep it doable.)

3) OPTIONAL: Repeat this process until you have 3 goals. (Note: You can skip these steps and simply pick something that you know in your heart you want to do)

Your goals should be specific (i.e. will it be clear when you've reached it? A goal like 'feel better' about myself is hard to measure. While a goal like 'lose 10 pounds' is very clear.)

So what calls to you..
A healthy toned body?
A clear financial plan?
30% increase in income?
Starting your own business?
Feeling free, expressed, and in love with your partner?
Back in communication where there has been a rift?
Two weeks in Peru?
To sing in public?

* * * *

Now that you have one to three targets, they need to see the light of day! So write them down in big letters and put them up where you'll see them every day. You might even like to get creative, and use paint, and/or find a picture that motivates you.

By the way, when you set 1-3 goals, I'd love to hear what they are. (You might even find that simply emailing them to someone else gives you more energy to get moving on them). Just zip me an email at support@solutionbox.com



3. The Personal Touch

What an amazing time - 1 month in New York on 29th and Lexington. Bronwyn was crying near the end at the prospect of leaving the close friends she had made - we have a wonderful New York family. BTW - you can't beat pastrami on rye (except for Buffalo Wings).

Bron and I are moving to Byron Bay on the Gold Coast (woo hoo!), where she hopes to get a job as a dental therapist - she has an interview this Friday as we go up there to house hunt. This is a brave move for her, and I'm feeling grateful, lucky and happy that she's coming.

My plans now are to create a wonderful lifestyle in Byron, to pay more attention to Bronwyn, to finalise a coaching audio library available for purchase online, to set up an affiliate program, and create some new coaching e-courses so people can access coaching online.

-An excited David.


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